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Process of analyzing the job requirements, setting expectations, and scheduling. Intake Form created which serves the purpose as the “Scope” and guideline for the remainder of the staffing life cycle


Leverage our unique Sourcing Approaches to connect with both “active” and “passive” candidates: Data-Driven, Social, Technical, Industry, and Community Service


Process of vetting out the best resources utilizing the Intake Form gathered within the Scope is used to determine which candidates are presented to Client


We stay actively engaged in assisting with interview preparation, and is also where our commitment to Continuous Improvement stems from gathering immediate feedback providing a better-faster interview process overall


Offer and negotiation stage involving background and reference checks, followed by the onboarding process, orientation, training and introductions for getting the employee off to a great start with your organization


We provide ongoing support and interaction which drives employee performance and retention through project completion

Services Provided

Contract Staff Augmentation: An effective alternative to full-time staffing, a contractor that provides our clients with immediate results, specialized technologists, and reduced liability.

Managed IT Services: Managed teams to define and mature IT workflows, centrally manage institutional knowledge, optimize resource utilization and deliver measurable outcomes

Project-based Services: Management of discrete IT projects and programs

Direct IT Placement Services: Contract-to-hire and direct hire professionals for longer-term needs

Retained Based Search: A confidential and dedicated approach to identifying and hiring specialized professionals and executives. 

Staying Connected

In addition to a Data-Driven Approach, TechTank leverages a few unique approaches when tapping in to passive candidate market by connecting clients, candidates, coworkers, and peers through social channels and building a community of technical professionals that regularly come together.

Drawing upon the founders’ diverse backgrounds and bringing together a community of high caliber professionals through unconventional methods allows our clients to tap into a market of passive candidates that remain largely untouched.

With this mindset in place, TechTank separates themselves with their innovative 5 Approaches .


We utilize business intelligence concepts  by data mining and curating enormous amounts of data from a vast number of sources including Indeed, LinkedIn, Dice, HackerRank, Monster, GitHub, and others, to shorten the time it takes to connect with both active and passive candidates.   


We have teamed up with local venues and  hosting a monthly “Happy Hour 2.0” to provide a place where IT professionals, clients and candidates, can interact on a personal level without the pressure of an interview or office setting. Our objective is to create, grow and maintain relationships throughout the industry so that we can learn how we can truly make a difference in this job market.


We have implemented an extremely robust testing platform that allows us to customize coding assessments specific to each organization and each position. We also host “Hackathons” for local developers using this platform as well as online “Code Challenges” through our website. 


With our CEO representing the President of the Board of Directors for the Texas Recruiters Association which is made up of over 3,600 members of HR and recruiting professionals. By partnering with TRA we now have unlimited access to resources within the recruiting world and can also provide trainings for others as well. 

To learn more about TRA, go to jointra.org


We are partnered with Our Digital Heroes, a non-profit organization geared to help returning Veterans get back into the workforce. They do this by offering resume reviews and writing, as well as offering free training courses and paying for technical certifications to jump start and/or advance their careers.

To learn more about ODH, go to ourdigitalheroes.org

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